What Does It Mean To Be Your Dog’s Leader?

Being a leader means helping your dog understand it’s place in the world.  It doesn’t mean being a bully. It means having clear expectations, being fair, and teaching your dog a system of how you want your dog to live with you day-to-day. It’s our job to teach our dogs HOW to exist in our homes and our human world. Minus your leadership, your dog will make choices based on what they think will best serve them, from their point of view.

Dog owners that show lack of leadership can cause confusion in the dog. Examples include:

  • giving your dog too many allowances when they haven’t earned them
  • not being clear with the in house/in public rules of conduct
  • not advocating for them when they need it
  • not allowing opportunities for them to be confident when they need it

Dogs that are confused make bad choices. Training gives a dog skills.

Structure is the clock by which the dog lives, but leadership is the clarity you give your dog every day.

​The more clarity in your relationship allows more freedom and fun, more enjoyment in both your dog’s life, and in yours.

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