We love dogs. Dog owners love us.

Our team of dog training professionals have seen it all: barkers, diggers, pullers, instigators, shifty-eyed tricksters, gladiators, chicken-hearted cowards, escape artists, and every other character you can imagine. The drama they create is real and can drive any dog parent to wistfully long for the days when they just had a goldfish.

So when we can provide an actionable plan to create dog-to-human trust, channel or modify unwanted behaviors, and get the family pack back on track, people say nice things.

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Picture of Dana & Javier

Dana & Javier

PORTLAND, ME - "Teri and Amanda are extraordinarily talented and working with dogs and their owners for the best possible outcome. 'For the best possible outcome' may sound ridiculously vague, but it perfectly captures this talented team’s gifts. Rather than imposing a one-size-fits-all method on the dog and owner, they take the time to diagnose the problem before selecting the appropriate training methods and tools. What works for one dog-owner team may not work for another. Most importantly, the training session may end but Teri and Amanda are always available for follow ups and advice from their deep well of experience. Javier is well-behaved on leash, calm when strange dogs approach, and even learning to ignore skateboarders! Thanks to these two, Javier and I are happier and even more confident than I could have imagined."

Picture of Terry


CUMBERLAND, ME - "Juneau is a high energy Aussie who had awful door manners, barked like crazy at passers-by, and was a reluctant respondent when called to come back. He’s a smart dog unfortunately owned by a novice. But Teri from Maine Dog Training Company changed him to a new and very fun dog after a few at-home sessions. He now is polite to visitors, can calmly watch outside distractions, and comes back when called. He’s no longer the neighborhood crazy dog. We are very grateful to Teri and everything she taught Juneau and his owners!"

Picture of Dana & Javier

Dana & Javier

BRUNSWICK, ME - "As a now proud owner of Brik, our GSD, we have only Maine Dog Training Company to thank. Brik was very reactive to other dogs. Seriously one of the worst I've ever seen. At less than 6 months he was showing signs of the inability to cope with other dogs. As he got older, he got heavier and stronger. Nearly ripping our arms out of the sockets when he would go! Realizing this was more than we could handle and not what we wanted we took him on the journey of one dog trainer after another. All we got out of it was a "you need to buy this" remedy and here is the bill for my service!!! We went through four different "experts" with no favorable results! When Lynne told me about Teri I was "oh, here we go again!!!" Reluctantly I agreed and the results after the first lesson was amazing! I cannot thank Teri enough! We now have the tools and knowledge to keep Brik "in his own lane"! Simple, straight forward instruction with absolutely positive results!

Hi Teri, I just had to share this with you! Brik is laying beside the vacuum cleaner while it is running! Still a work in progress, he has been seriously reactive to the vacuum in the past, very aggressively biting it and barking uncontrollably. This is a major breakthrough, once again, thank you Teri!!"

Picture of Tiffany


SOUTH PORTLAND, ME - "I'm just so proud and grateful, and I wanted to thank you while it was on my mind. Last night we had the adult birthday gathering and there were a couple of people (including a man!) that Charlie hadn't yet met. I was incredibly nervous, but Teri, he was amazing! He was in Place for a little while, but he was actually able to safely and enjoyably integrate into the party, and was even in the kitchen and dining room where all the food was, well within Charlie-range, and he only needed two e-collar reminders when he was acting a little interested in the meat and seafood right in front of him.

I never imagined something like this was even a possibility for Charlie and our family. Everyone that knew him commented that he was a different dog. They were all astounded at how calm and comfortable and just better behaved he was! It was the topic of conversation several times throughout the night. Eva even mentioned a few times last night and this morning how proud she was of him!

​From the bottom of my heart, thank you!"

Picture of Haley, Nick and Tucker

Haley, Nick and Tucker

"Tucker has done a complete 180 since our first session together. We now enjoy 100% off leash walks, hikes and busy parks together and he listens SO WELL. Even with other dogs and children around him, he never leaves my sight. We have gotten to the point where I don't even need to use the e-collar. He seems to understand that as long as he is wearing it, he needs to obey my commands no matter what.

You don't know how big of a relief it is to be able to enjoy our walks together again without worrying he will run off. He has matured into such an obedient dog and we could not have done this without your Foundations course and your one-on-one training.

Thank you so much for helping mold Tucker into a dog that is truly a joy to be around."

Picture of Jessica & Graeme

Jessica & Graeme

LEWISTON, ME - "My Portuguese Water Dog puppy, Graeme, and I have had the pleasure of working with Teri in two workshops and a class. Teri always stayed positive and is extremely supportive. I particularly like how she helps to work through problems and present ideas differently to help the dog (or owner!) understand new concepts. I always check the newest schedule to see what our next class will be! Teri has been a great help!"

Picture of S.L. Hendry

S.L. Hendry

SOUTH PORTLAND, ME - "I contacted Teri at Maine Dog Training Company in March and together we worked for eight weeks to bring my Golden Doodle, Charlie, from reckless teenager and 80 lbs of resistance to a mild-mannered super dog, kind, gentle, and well-behaved. I still have to pinch myself to be sure my dog is so easy to manage thanks wholly to Teri! I am so proud of Charlie and we will continue reinforcing all the lessons Teri taught us, because I understand this will be an on-going, probably life-long process both for me and my dog. I never want him to sink back to where he used to be just an oversized puppy with no direction. The main thing is I truly enjoy taking him for walks now because I understand how to control my dog and to read his behavior. It’s a pleasure for both of us. I was reluctant in the beginning to the e-collar, but with training I understood how and why it works and it makes my life with my dog better than I could ever have imagined! Thank you Teri."

Picture of Rebecca and Zoey

Rebecca and Zoey

SCARBOROUGH, ME - "Working with Teri has been invaluable in helping me find the right balance with my rescue pup who can be a wild handful one moment and then fearful or uncertain the next. Through workshops, classes and one-on-one training sessions, my dog and I have embraced training as an on-going process that doesn't end when the class is over. Her insights have strengthened the relationship that I have with my dog so that we both enjoy being out and about - either in the woods, visiting friends or in urban settings. Teri's patience, knowledge and no nonsense approach has helped - and continues to help - us work through many bumps in the training road - all while making it clear, concise and also fun!"

Picture of Brian & Buffy

Brian & Buffy

SCARBOROUGH, ME - "Teri… A quick note to say thank you! After meeting you at my house to help me assimilate a new dog into the pack I was confident your training was what we needed. The Foundations Obedience training has been a “game changer” for our new dog Buffy. As you recall, Buffy was out of control when we arrived for the first class and by the end of the training she was well behaved and easy to take out to the pet store. The class training was practical and well taught and it was great that there were 3 of you teaching each class which allowed for more one on one attention.

I would recommend you and Maine Dog Training Company to anyone that wants a well behaved, under control dog!"

Picture of Andy and Mia, Koda, Panda & Loki

Andy and Mia, Koda, Panda & Loki

SOUTH PORTLAND, ME - "Teri is a great trainer, we first met when we attended a basic manners class when we first got Loki. Loki needed to work on some basic skills and I needed to know how to communicate with him. Since then we have done an agility class, several noseworks classes with all our dogs, Koda has gone on to pass the ORT certification for birch and Panda should not be too far behind. Now we are taking a rally o class. Teri’s classes are educational, entertaining and fun, the dogs are always tired when we get home from a night out at Maine Dog Training Company dog training."

Picture of Lucy & Benson

Lucy & Benson

PORTLAND, ME - "Basic Obedience Class with Teri was amazingly helpful. Benson is so much more attentive, responsive and a joy to work with. I am thrilled with his progress and we're having so much fun continuing the training!"

Picture of Danielle, Jim & Nola

Danielle, Jim & Nola

PORTLAND, ME - "We have taken 5 classes with Teri over the past couple of years: Agility, Intro to Noseworks, Intro to Odor, Canine Good Citizen, and now Rally-O. We keep coming back because Nola (and my husband and I) just loves Teri. She is patient, kind and extremely knowledgeable about positive reinforcement training. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to build their relationship with their dog through fun, positive training!"

Picture of Jenny & Blue

Jenny & Blue

"​I can't say enough about our experience with the Maine Dog Training Company! With Teri's warm and patient support, my dog and I not only learned some new tricks and strengthened old skills, we really learned how to communicate with one another. Teri was able to show me how to communicate with my dog so that he understood what I was asking of him, and in turn, I'm more bonded with my best friend. What's more? The love Teri has for dogs, for teaching, and my dog in particular, really shines through, making what could have been a stressful experience truly a joy. Teri---Blue and I can't thank you enough!"

Picture of Barb, Sadie, Zephyr, Joe & Bet

Barb, Sadie, Zephyr, Joe & Bet

"Bet, Sadie, & Zeph have taken classes from Teri and have benefited in many ways! Just look at those terrific stays!!! They have enjoyed: Noseworks, Circus Dog, Basic & Intermediate Obedience, & Tricks. And: both Bet and Sadie earned their Canine Good Citizen certificates. Teri is a skilled & fun instructor, she has a sense of humor, and taking a class with her is a great way to bond with your dog."

Picture of Santina, Sky & Happy

Santina, Sky & Happy

WEST BATH, ME - "I have been training with Teri and my two dogs, Happy and Sky, for almost a year now. With her help and expertise both my dogs have passed the CGC test, we have had lots of fun in the dog sport sampler and are currently enrolled in agility. Teri is a wonderful trainer, very knowledgeable, patient and she has so much positive energy. She is great with people and their four legged companions and always knows what each dog/handler team in the group needs in order to be successful in training. The weekly dog training sessions with her are definitely a highlight and both my dogs love to go the training facility. It's a great location, very spacious, clean and full of light. Teri also was a great resource when I experience some behavioral issues with Sky and with her expertise and advice we have accomplished a lot. I could not wish for a better dog trainer!"

Picture of Tayrn & Bristol

Tayrn & Bristol

PORTLAND, ME - "We started training with Teri when my dog was 5 months old. Initially, we were working on learning about the sport of agility, and Teri's years of hands-on experience has helped us on our adventure over the last year, ensuring that the whole process was enjoyable for both my dog and myself. Along the way, my little dog developed some behavioral issues, and Teri was right there to help with that, too, rather than ask us to leave class. I can't say enough positive things about Teri's training approaches; from the way she trains in canine sports right down to behavioral modification. I have a much better relationship with my dog due in large part to Teri."

Picture of Amanda, Zara & Nuke

Amanda, Zara & Nuke

CUMBERLAND, ME - "Zara, Nuke and I have really enjoyed our first classes with you and look forward to spending more time in training. Your patience, positive attitude and willingness to work with our individual needs makes for a great learning environment while having fun together. It is wonderful to have a learning environment for Zara where she can be relaxed. You are truly inspirational! We give Teri Robinson five paws up!! Classes we have taken are Agility Foundations, Control Unleashed and Noseworks. We look forward to continuing all of these!!"

Picture of Cheryl and Maureen

Cheryl and Maureen

PORTLAND, ME - "Teri, we are all making good progress with Molly's training!!! She is doing very well and we are being very consistent. She loves the mat exercise and we have introduced lots of variety and distractions and it is amazing how she settles. Jumping is almost completely gone unless she gets really excited then when reminded with your suggestions she sits right down. The name game is also going well and she rarely does not come. We cannot thank you enough for your simple and effective coaching... Molly has responded very well and so have we!!"