A Few of My Favorite Things

With the holidays right around the corner, we thought it helpful to create a list of some of our top favorite training tools that we’ve encountered over the years- perfect as gifts for the trainer (or dog!) in your life. 

Long Line

This is a MUST HAVE. Are you teaching your dog to come when called? Then you need this! Even if your dog has a reliable recall, you really should have a long line in your training toolbox. The K-9 Komforty 30ft Tufflex Check Cord has a vinyl coating that makes it a soft line to hold, a snap to clean and the colors make it easy to see in the field. 

Training Bait

Speaking of teaching your dog to come when called… let’s talk treats. Some of our favorite training foods (can be purchased at most pet stores or at chewy.com)

The Best Bait Bag

The Silicone Pouch, made by our friends at The Trainers Pouch in Australia, can be easily popped in the dishwasher or soaked. It’s easy to get your hand in and out with no flap to open or close. You can even jackpot your dog by letting them eat right out of it, but treats won’t spill out if you are moving quickly or bending over. It will be the last treat pouch you will ever buy!

Training Vest

If you are a hard core trainer OR, if you just hate carrying a bunch of stuff on a hike with your dog, a trainers vest is for you! I purchased my Roca Vest 3 years ago and it’s worth its weight in gold. I can carry leashes, treats, bags, clickers, toys, balls bumpers, phone, keys… it has endless pockets!

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