Private training

Our one-on-one instruction will teach you how to achieve real life obedience skills. We want your dog to have a healthy relationship with your family, as well as the outside world.

Individualized for you and your pup

For many people, our group classes offer a fun and affordable way to get your dog socialized, focused, and better behaved. But in some cases, spending private time with a trainer is the best way to achieve the desired results.

How can we help you?

Our private training sessions help with all kinds of situations, including:

  • Puppies: Proper foundation in obedience, housebreaking, socialization, and more.
  • New rescue dogs & adolescent dogs: Achieving generally calm behavior, attentiveness to you in and out of the house, relaxed leash manners, and coming when called.
  • Leash-reactive dogs: Addressing lunging, growling and pulling. Help to relax on leash and be able to walk calmly.
  • Problem behaviors: Resource guarding, fear aggression, managing multiple dogs, stealing items, etc.
  • E-collar Training: Mechanics of using the e-collar and conditioning your dog for off-leash freedom.


While there are certainly benefits to training in a group setting, having personalized time with a professional trainer allows the owner and trainer to address specific concerns and come up with a customized plan specifically for you and your dog. 

What you should know

  • First lesson: In our first meeting, we’ll assess your dog, discuss your training goals, your dog’s specific behaviors, and come up with a training plan. We’ll then cover one or two behavior skills and take videos if necessary. You will leave the first lesson with a PDF training workbook, a clicker, and an immediate plan to ensure you will have the tools and skills to make changes right away.
  • Equipment: Collars, e-collars, or any other training equipment is sold separately.
  • Ongoing lessons: After the first lesson, following sessions are $75 per 30 minutes.
  • Payment: All private lessons must be prepaid. Once you book a lesson, you will receive an invoice via email.  Your appointment is not confirmed until payment has been received. Please read our payment/cancellation policies
  • Scheduling is by appointment only.

Performance Training

Are you Interested in getting into a performance dog program (AKC obedience/IGP or tracking)? We can help lay a solid foundation – contact us for pricing.

Service Dog Training

We don’t offer any service dog training. Please contact our friends at Heart & Soul Dog Training for help.

Who it's for

Available to any dog. This class is designed to focus on specific problems that the owner would like to address. It is also useful for dogs that are not comfortable in a class setting.

Where it is

MDTC Studio
25 Stanwood Street, Brunswick, ME.


All levels welcome


$175 Initial consultation (1 hour)
$75 Ongoing lessons (0.5 hours)